Save the Humans


Hi! Hello! Hi! Hello! My name is Caesar and this is my first Facebook post. I don’t know what Facebook is, but it’s my favorite thing! I’m 15 months old. When I was eight weeks old I was adopted by Anthony Fiore. He brought me to live with his family in Pennsylvania. I don’t know where Pennsylvania is but it’s my favorite place.

I never got to know Anthony because he died just two weeks after I came to live him from something called heroin. I don’t know what heroin is but I hate it. I want to grab it and shake it and rip it apart like it was a couch cushion.

Anthony didn’t want to die and he didn’t believe heroin would kill him because his brain told him he needed heroin to feel good and if he didn’t take it he would feel really, really bad. That wasn’t true, but the heroin had made his brain believe it was. Did I tell you how much I hate heroin?

There are places that could have fixed Anthony’s brain so he would not believe the heroin when it told him he needed to take it. Those places are called “Rehabs” and they are my favorite thing. Anthony was in three rehabs but his insurance would only pay for him to stay there for less than a month. Less than a month is nothing. That’s not even enough time to learn to pee outside.

Anthony’s father started a petition on to make it possible for humans who need to have their brains fixed so they won’t take heroin can stay in rehabs for a minimum of three months. I don’t know what a petition is but it’s my favorite thing. Please click on this link… and sign the petition so we can save the humans who were made sick by heroin or other drugs.

If you sign the petition and tell all your human friends to sign it I will lick your face and nibble your ear.

Please show your support for Anthony’s Act. It’s my favorite thing.

Thank you.

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