Every Day In America 120 People Die of A Drug Overdose


These 120 crosses represent the number of American lives lost to drugs every single day.  The names on the crosses — four to a cross because that’s all that would fit — are only a tiny fraction of those we have lost

One every 12 seconds.  Five an hour. 120 a day.  840 a week.  3,600 a month. 43,800 a year

Research tells us that effective inpatient treatment leads to long term sobriety and fewer relapses. Ninety (90) day residential drug rehab is suggested as the minimum length of time for effective treatment. Evidence gathered from post discharge patient interviews suggests that long-term treatment at a drug rehab facility can decrease the risk of drug addiction relapse by up to 73%. That can mean the difference between addiction and recovery—or even life and death.

This is why Anthony’s Act needs to become law. Please sign the petition http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/anthonys-act… and share it with your friends, neighbors, co-workers and families. If you’ve already signed, Thank you. If you’ve shared it before, share it again. Let’s give all those suffering from addiction a real chance at recovery.

Thank you.

Empathy Trumps Apathy